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We have the largest selection of Audi Air Intakes in the business. Our Audi Air Intakes are the best quality products at the lowest prices. You can easily find a Audi Air Intakes you like for your A3 A4 A6 or A8. One of the most popular upgrades is to buy Audi Air Intakes to give your car a S3 S4 S6 or S8 look.

Audi Air Intakes are a very important part of the modern car design. In a nutshell, Audi Air Intakes are used to bring air into the engine of the vehicle to mix with the gasoline and improve combustion. The more air that is put into the piston of a car, the more oxygen (very combustible) is available for the car to use. Better Audi Air Intakes are designed to bring in as much as possible as fast as possible. In addition, the colder the air brought into the engine the better, this is due to the fact that the colder the air the less volume it will take up and the more oxygen will be available. OEM (manufacturers) Audi Air Intakes can be made from a number of materials but usually is made of plastic. While higher end vehicles and after market Audi Air Intakes sport metal or ceramic intakes with higher volume filters.